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Festival Hippie Style Creative Shoot | Panama City Beach

How do you spend your Sunday mornings? I spend mine with babes on the beach. The more tie dye, glitter, braids and bombshells the better. On my days off I try to shoot for myself. As an artist, a person, a mother, a wife, a friend. I love everything that this shoot turned into. Radiating self love, positivity, color, movement and lady love. Inspired by festivals, hippies and beach bums. Have you ever met one of those mean girls? The ones that are competitive and stuck up? Yeah me neither because I don't believe in dulling someone else's shine so that I can shine brighter. Raise each other up, support each other and own what makes you amazingly unique. They say your vibe reflects the art you create and the company you keep. I like to think I can use my talent not only to create art and portraits, but to send a message of love and positivity as well. Shine on rainbow babes. Models: Stephanie Brudnicki Casey Cobb Lauren Ashley Brittany Rivas (Casey Cobb's hair by Asia Mond)

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