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The Carnahan Family | The Zen Garden

Oh the places my job will take me. This session was quite the adventure for sure. I felt like a tour guide after. We were scheduled to shoot at the beach... well Florida had other plans. We all know that the weather is so unpredictable; especially when the weather channel predicts nonstop rain for 4 days. These guys were committed so we tried. Well I thought my Jeep would tip over in a monsoon, so the beach was out. Luckily we ventured over to the Zen Garden and found shelter. We even got some cover under the trees and got a few outdoor shots in the garden. I'm pretty excited about how gorgeous everything looked in the middle of a thunderstorm. The best part was this family's attitude. The were all smiles and went with the flow. Those smiles and that commitment to having fun is exactly what this world needs. Of course I will get creative and make a few beach portraits too, but these photos will definitely be a fun memory of their time in PCB. (Shout Out to Lotus Cafe & Juice Bar at Zen Garden for being so cool and letting us escape the weather. BTW their Peanut Butter Buddha and all other food and vibes are uhmazing!)

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