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Stephanie & Clint | Econfina Springs | Creative Shoot

WELL HOT DAMN THIS SESSION IS SO INCREDIBLE I'm SO stoked on how amazing this shoot turned out! I envisioned this shoot for months and this insatiable couple completely killed it. I was told by a friend this shoot reminded them of Tarzan & Jane meets Lisa Frank meets Fern Gully... YESSS! My creative soul is so happy. As any artist it is so important to stay creative and individual in a world of presets and hashtags. Growing, changing, and the expression of creativity, love and happiness. Stephanie & Clint are such a smokin hot couple and steamed up even the coldest of springs. I'm thankful for the rain because we had the whole springs to ourselves. Their chemistry and fun loving personalities shone through for sure; not to take away from their super sexy bods. Thank you for checking out my work and please keep doing what you love, in whatever sparks you soul on fire.

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