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I first spoke to Y-Vonnie on the phone and chatted about her upcoming trip to PCB and their family portraits. We set everything up and were ready to go. A few days later I get a phone call from Blake. He was planning on proposing. He wanted to surprise her during the photo shoot


Instantly I was SO excited! Be a part of a romantic surprise proposal at sunset? Yes please! I live for days like these.

When the day finally arrived it was rainy. Of course it rains everyday or almost on the coast so I assured them we would be fine. I mean I knew he was nervous and preparing to propose so I couldn't make him wait a few more days.

Everything turned out beautifully. The sunset was an awesome gold, the kiddos were so well behaved and smiled so nicely. Blake did an amazing job of incorporating the kids into the proposal and they did an awesome job of holding their signs and keeping it a secret. I may have made Y-Vonnie and Blake kiss a little longer than usual to make sure the signs were in order and in place. Over all it was a fairy tale. She said yes and they lived happily ever after.

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