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Valentine's Day Boudoir

Over the last few months I met some amazing ladies that were HOT as hell. They each had a unique reason for doing a boudoir photo shoot. To give their husband or boyfriend a sexy gift for Valentine's Day, a birthday or an anniversary. Perhaps for themselves so they can feel beautiful in their own skin. Some of the ladies have faced heartache or tragedy and have overcome and learned how to be independent and self loving again. After motherhood or trying to get fit again, it's tough to love your new body.

In this age we live in, it is difficult to feel beautiful and confident with your body when the world tells you you must be a size 0 and 5'12''. No way will I ever be a size 0 and I'm totally happy with that. Love your body whatever size you are, whatever scars or curves you have make you you. And you're a SEXY babe!

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