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The Monds

Okayyy so photographing your best friend is easy and so much fun! Gahhh I could go on and on about Asia being my bff since 3rd and everything we've been through, Alona and mudder and fauder's love story... But what leaves the biggest impression on me is how happy and proud of this girl I am. Not only for being a successful business owner and always looking stunning, but for being the kind of person that has people in her life that truly (and I do mean truly), love her for her beautiful soul. As if I wasn't already about to cry thinking about my best friend being happy, I see my gorgeous god daughter Alona Lu getting so big and mature. She's stunning no doubt about that, but she's also sweet, sassy and hilarious. I don't want her to grow up, but I can't wait to see her become more and more amazing. I can't forget about Kieff. The best thing that ever happened to Asia and Alona. An amazing hubs, but also an amazing "faud." Sappy love post over, but heck yes I love this super fun Carrilon Beach family photo sess almost as much as I love this family.

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