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Harris' Romantic Getaway

The Memorial Weekend is over, so I'm back to work. I loved this couple. These love birds came from Texas and all over. I totally appreciate all military families and the sacrifices they make. Being a police wife I get a little taste of what it's like for my hubs to be gone a lot and definitely understand crazy schedules. I have such huge respect for military moms and dads who raise babies by themselves for months at a time. When you have a toddler it is difficult to have any alone time. Seriously some days not even 5 minutes. My daughter gets super jealous when I even give my husband a kiss. You have to work to keep the spark alive, especially when there's a baby in the house. Another reason I love this shoot. These two came to PCB to have a romantic getaway. And to make it even more of a fairy tale, Taejah set the whole photo shoot up as a surprise for her hubby. That's what it is all about. The light, the gorgeous sunset, being present in the moment, and being in love. I have to add that this shoot was super easy for me because they took direction so well and emulated inspiration so well. It helps when you clients are gorgeous, pose awesome, follow directions well and don't mind getting a little wet or sandy.

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