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Jennifer & Jonathan 7.7.17. A long time ago (about 10 years to be exact) I met my fav high school art teacher's son.

Living in PCB you tend to run into people you know a lot. Through the years we've bumped into each other at random reggae shows and out and about. Always an incredible friend. So I'm so excited he is engaged to this super cool BABE named Jennifer! Seriously she's SO pretty you guys and she's really nice (basically the total package). 9 years they've been together! I can totally relate since I've been with my guy almost 12. That's a long time especially when you're young. What makes me smile most of all is that even after 9 years of dating there's still so much romance and flirting between these two. Jonathan planned a scavenger hunt that ended in a proposal. Seriously, that's fairy tale stuff. I'm so happy I got to photograph this gorgeous couple's engagement. Carrillon Beach was so gorgeous! So many places to shoot there, my creativity was going crazy. We even caught the end of a spectacular sunset. Love love love and I just can't wait for the wedding!

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