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Welcoming Baby Belle

I met this family last year when I took maternity photos for them. They were expecting their first baby.... a little girl. I loved the excitement they had taking pictures and talking about meeting their new baby. We talked about all things maternity and newborn (Since I myself had a one year old at the time, I could totally relate and tried to give as much advice as possible.)

Fast forward 6 months and baby was born into this big world. When Allison asked me to take photos of them, I of course said," YES!" I mean who doesn't want to hangout with cute little newborns? Dude, she is a sweet, sweet little baby. She was so alert and full of personality already. She loved to sleep on her back and her owl onesie was just what she needed for a great nap. I can't forget to mention her name is Isabella Bloomquist. Belle... Rose. I love it!

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