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The Bachuss' Family Portraits

Let me just start by saying I have known this sweet family since I waited on them at Luigi BGs FOREVER ago. I was 16 when I started waiting on them. Every Saturday I would wait on them. Then I started working with Lauren and Kristen. Time flew y as it always does. They are all grown up now. Teaching and babies... it makes me feel old because I'm there too. Sometime when you shoot families it's all about posing, posing, smiling and more posing. Sometimes it's much more candid. Sometimes it's more about capturing the spirit and the personality of a person and the dynamic of a family.I love how much personality every one of their photos has. You can't predict what a 2 year old is going to do and I love it. I think it's pretty obvious from all the photos that this little girl is the center of their world.

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