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The Jones'

I'm such a lucky lady to have gotten to photograph this super sweet family. They were vacationing in Panama City Beach from Detroit. They were talking about a Meijer and I had no ideas what they meant. So I googled it. Apparently its a grocery store. The point is there is an entire world of people, languages, culture, art, music, even grocery stores I have absolutely no idea about. I'm thankful to meet new people everyday that give me just a little more enlightenment than yesterday. Now I just have to make it big and travel the world. I know... baby steps for now. Back to the shoot. Between the loving family portraits to the first birthday cake smash, I have serious baby fever. My husband melts and we only have 1 daughter. I couldn't imagine having 4 adorable sweet little girls that have me completely wrapped around their fingers. Good luck daddy. They are just too cute!

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