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I had so much fun shooting Dock in downtown Panama City. I love when people come to me and show me a few pics for inspiration and say I trust you. Yas to my creative soul! I love downtown's rustic and old charm mixed with a few buildings with stunning architecture. It also helps when your model is super debonair and charming too. I had to explain what debonair was to the boys during the shoot. (I take my hubs and baby girl on as many shoots as possible) "You know debonair... like suave... (still looking at me like a deer in headlights).. umm sexy and hot?" Then they got it. Anyways he's a babe. Tyrese who? Yes ladies he is single hehe. You just may see these photos pop up on your tinder. Just remember me when you're a super famous model someday, remember the little guys. All silliness aside he is so sweet and I'm so stoked I got to collaborate and work with this guy.

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