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Hay's Anniversary Party

First off all here is the back story. I worked at Luigi BGs forever.. literally 13 years. So working for Teresa again was so much fun and completely heart warming that she is still like my momma and supporting me like her own kid. It was so obvious that they put so much work into their anniversary party. Every time I turned around I noticed a new little detail or decoration that was beautiful. So bravo to all of that hard work Pinteresting and putting it all together! You pulled it off! Her parents have been so sweet over the years. 25 years together... Just let that set in. To be in love with someone for 25 years is absolutely a gorgeous thing. When they sat down to eat I saw them interacting. He took his hat off and put his hand on her back. They laughed and told stories about first meeting, getting married and raising their babies. What really stuck out to me was not only how much of a gentleman he was to his bride 25 years later, but also how happy they still were together. There is so much you can learn from a couple who has made it through everything. Especially in a time where people quit relationships like they do their New Year's resolution. Surely everyday isn't rainbows and butterflies. Those are the days that make those 25 years worth it. So to love someone for 25 years doesn't quite describe it. There needs to be a word much greater than love for something as special as this. I love my dress.... I love tacos... no...

This is something once in a life time.

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