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Whimsical Wonderland

I woke up feeling adventurous, inspired and knew what I wanted to shoot. I WISH everyday was as easy as this day was. Lauren was the best model and didn't complain while being barefoot in the cold (It's Florida, so I know it's not THAT cold here, but it feels really freaking cold to us). Anyways after shooting in the forest, we followed a trail that led to a gorgeous field of dancing gold plants. The butterscotch vibes were enough to inspire me once again. Just when you think you can't have anymore fun being creative, you find an even more magical spot. There was this awesome old pier that was almost twisted sideways. Not the easiest to walk on or under. We trudged under the pier and I lot my flip flops a few times. BUT we came out at a hidden beach. It seems like hidden beaches don't exist anymore because we live in a beachy tourist town, but here it was gorgeous and hardly bothered. Between the driftwood and quiet of this secret spot I was in photo heaven. Long story short.... the best adventures makes the best photos.

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